Thursday, June 28, 2001

Sorry, the link doesn't work anymore... I'm only keeping this entry for the memories...

Everyone go see Spanky! Sign her guestbook and let her know how much you love her! If you don't love her, fake it, for

Saturday, June 23, 2001

Slacker... or am I?

Hi everyone! I am soooo lazy...or maybe I'm just too busy. Hmmmm. Look! I'm posting! Aren't you all so proud of me! I'll try not to slack off so much. Well...let's see... I've been to Florida (got sunburned and blistered, natch), I went to church camp, and next month I'm going to choir camp and on a mission trip. Cool, huh? I am so broke right now, yo. But I'm home now, so I'll be keeping up a little better. Later loves!