Monday, March 12, 2001


My emotions are completely haywire. Some of my closest buds are really depressing me with some of the stuff they're doing to themselves. On the other hand...I'm madly in (puppy) love again! =P :)

To One of my Dearest Friends:
Dear _______,
Remember the fun we used to have?
Playing Barbies, dress-up, and pretend
The bond we had was so tight
Nothing could come between us
You're younger, but we were on the same level
The years could have been weeks
The day I entered high school
I entered a whole new world
But I knew we'd still be close
Nothing could come between us, we were tight
Two years pass, and you're coming
You'll be a freshman soon
I promised to show you the ropes
To warn you of the "bad" crowd
You always were more popular
But it didn't matter, because
Six years of friendship was too strong
The week before, we giggled and made plans
But you forgot our plans (and me)
When you walked through those doors
Six months later we barely speak
Hardly a smile in the halls
Your many new friends seem to fill my place
You are drifting so far away
But what could I say to you?
I miss the time we had together
But mostly I miss you
I still consider you my dearest friend
But the question is: Am I yours?

BFF (?),

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