Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Wanna Know How My Day Was?

I'd like to take time out to wish everyone a happy Singles' Awareness Day (if you don't get it, you're obviously not single!).
Summary of my day:
~All the couples are exchanging gifts and flowers and holding hand when I arrive this morning at school
~The office is chock full of balloons, flowers, and gifts--the most ever
~70% of the people I pass in the hallways are "with someone"
~99% of the decent guys are taken, or have no clue I like them, and I could never tell them anyway
~I have never seen so many hearts before in my life! *gags involuntarily*
~Of course, 50% of our assignments were based on Loooove
~The Wolfcall newspaper had a page of Valentine's messages--yet again, void of my name
~All of my friends that are girls in my school, get this, have boyfriends! ARGH!

Have a nice day!

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