Monday, January 08, 2001's over. The crappiest month of my entire life has finally come to a close. Remember that surgery? Well, everything went wrong! It's by the grace of God I got through all the incompetence of Disease Control and an unnamed company. I am still extremely weak right now. But I'm HOME!!!!!!! I am sooo glad.

Oh, here's a good one. Before I got sick (and after the surgery), I was having a night where I had a horrible headache. I still had a lot of anesthetic in me, so my brain was practically mush anyway. Anyways, the pain killer wasn't killing the pain. I was not quite awake, so I kept dreaming that my headache could be cured if the nurse would put in the right html code! (I thought Lauren would get a kick out of that) Well, catch ya'lls later!

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