Friday, January 19, 2001

Let's Protest School!

Remember the Flintstones' Vitamins commercial? "Ten million strong....and growing." Well, contrary to my school's opinion (they've pounded me with finals less than 2 weeks after I started back to school), I'm not quite to that point yet. I'll admit that I am getting stronger and all (for example: I don't gasp for breath anymore when I finally get to my classes between periods), but I still have a ways to go.

Oh! speaking of my school, it has the world's stupidest policy for final exams. It's new this year. Instead of it being based on merits (all A's, no finals), it's based on attendance. So in other words, I could be failing all my subjects but only miss one day of school, and I wouldn't have to go to school on those two days or take the finals. Or, as it is in my case, I could be making straight A's but miss a month of school because I was in the hospital, and have to take the finals. All the teachers have to give finals, and if I were to make a bad grade because I couldn't be in school the learn the crap, it'll bring down my GPA, which is my only hope to get into the college I want to get into. We just cannot afford a $20,000 per year tuition.

Aren't school boards smart?

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