Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Should I Be Insulted?

This is the second time in 2 days that Lauren has, what I like to call, e-hung up on me! Twice while we were chatting she either got offline or was kicked offline before she gave me any warning! Hrmph! I'm insulted! Not really. =)

Monday, January 29, 2001

Sixteen Months Until Graduation.

I used to think, Ohmigosh! That's sooner than I want it to be! Now I can't wait. Contrary to the experiences of the majority of high school students, my first two years were better. Oh well. Maybe next year will be the cool year. =)

Sunday, January 28, 2001

Growing Pains

Growing up. We all looked forward to it as kids. We all wanted more respect, so on and so forth. You remember, right? Then we all get the horrible truth. Growing up sucks. If you're like me, half of your friends screw up, and you're left to either pick up the pieces or mourn the loss of their old selves.

One of these days, the depressing blogs will stop. Scout's honor!

Friday, January 19, 2001

Let's Protest School!

Remember the Flintstones' Vitamins commercial? "Ten million strong....and growing." Well, contrary to my school's opinion (they've pounded me with finals less than 2 weeks after I started back to school), I'm not quite to that point yet. I'll admit that I am getting stronger and all (for example: I don't gasp for breath anymore when I finally get to my classes between periods), but I still have a ways to go.

Oh! speaking of my school, it has the world's stupidest policy for final exams. It's new this year. Instead of it being based on merits (all A's, no finals), it's based on attendance. So in other words, I could be failing all my subjects but only miss one day of school, and I wouldn't have to go to school on those two days or take the finals. Or, as it is in my case, I could be making straight A's but miss a month of school because I was in the hospital, and have to take the finals. All the teachers have to give finals, and if I were to make a bad grade because I couldn't be in school the learn the crap, it'll bring down my GPA, which is my only hope to get into the college I want to get into. We just cannot afford a $20,000 per year tuition.

Aren't school boards smart?

Monday, January 08, 2001's over. The crappiest month of my entire life has finally come to a close. Remember that surgery? Well, everything went wrong! It's by the grace of God I got through all the incompetence of Disease Control and an unnamed company. I am still extremely weak right now. But I'm HOME!!!!!!! I am sooo glad.

Oh, here's a good one. Before I got sick (and after the surgery), I was having a night where I had a horrible headache. I still had a lot of anesthetic in me, so my brain was practically mush anyway. Anyways, the pain killer wasn't killing the pain. I was not quite awake, so I kept dreaming that my headache could be cured if the nurse would put in the right html code! (I thought Lauren would get a kick out of that) Well, catch ya'lls later!